Available Vintage Figures

John Cunningham casts several lines of old, defunct figures. He also recasts many of the old figures that are no longer available, roughly 2500 different castings that cover the period from 1630 to 1900.

Primary Lines

  • Les Higgins Marlburians and ECW
  • Wodensfeld ACW and French Seven years War
  • Douglas Miniatures Crimean, Marlburian and Napoleonics

John can be found adding comments to the various blogs and goes under the pseudonyms "Old John" or "The Evil Influence".

Figure Categories Available

(click on the link for detailed list)

Method of ordering:
  • Place the order via email to John
  • Receive the total cost back from John, this includes postage at actual cost
  • Make payment (he only takes PayPal from USA folks)
  • Order is shipped, usually within 3 days

He says that postage from the UK to the USA can be pricey but no order is too small.

Contact John at cunnjoh@aol.com. Of course, he is in the UK, so he might be several hours different in time zones!

This page updated 28 December 2015