Available Vintage Figures

  • John Cunningham casts several lines of old, defunct figures. He also recasts many of the old figures that are no longer available, roughly 2500 different castings that cover the period from 1630 to 1900.

    See details at John's Figure Lists.

  • Rob Young currently handles Garrison, Greenwood & Ball, and Rose miniatures.

    See Rob's details here.

  • [New 2022] Andrew Bruce has added the Platoon 20 line of miniatures to his shop, East Front Miniatures.

    East Front Miniatures is located in the U.K.

20mm Figure Sizing Differences

From a Newsgroup Article by Robert Burke (2003).

A quick summary of his findings using the measurement of bottom of foot gear to eyes (Tobey Barrett measurement system):

True 20mm figures

Manufacturer Boots-to-Eyes measurement
RSM 20mm
Batallienfeur 21mm
Newline (UK) 20mm
The Complete Brigadier 20mm
Ultimate Miniatures (Scruby 20mm) 20mm

Large (English) 20mm figures

Manufacturer Boots-to-Eyes measurement
Hinton Hunt (Der Kriegspielers) 23mm
Kennington (UK) 23mm
Qualiticast (UK) 23mm
It Figures (UK) 21mm
Ultimate Miniatures (Scruby 25mm) 23mm

1/72 scale is also considered (large) 20mm if measured from bottom of footgear to "assumed" top of head. 1/72 means 1 inch equals 6 feet, and 1 inch is 25.4mm. This assumes a 6-footer which, for most men of the Napoleonic period, is "over-size".

TBD: figure comparison

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