Interesting Links for Vintage Miniatures

Clive's Blogs

Clive's site and topic titles are usually a play-on-words and good reading. He has quite a collection.

Pen Name: Vintage Wargaming

Mr. Spencer's Blog

Similar to Clive's blogs - you can get confused switching between the two.

Pen name: Stryker

DC's Blogs

Figures in gloss finish.

Pen name: DC

Vintage Wargaming Blog

More old stuff. (I missed this one or else I might have picked a different domain name for this site)

Pen name: Vintage Wargaming

  • Vintage Wargaming
  • "Old figures, old rules, old scenery, old articles, old reviews, and old wargamers.
    Not old school. Just old."

Lazy Limey's Blogs

Site dedicated to 20/25mm wargame figures.

Pen name: Lazylimey

More Vintage Wargaming Blogs

You gotta love a blog by "Bob the Old Painter".

More subtle humor in the name: "Dear Tony Blair".

  • David Wood's blog
  • "There are a bunch of catalogues and bits on old school minis on my blog as well."

If you like UK, you should like New Zealand.

Another active blogger, ‎David Crenshaw‎.

  • Miniature Minions
  • "Miniature Minions is devoted to my armies based for De Bellis Antiquitatis and its Napoleonic variant DBN, with a recent deep dive into old school figures hopefully brought to life with a little love and a lot of effort!"

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