1970s Era Miniatures Catalogs

I rarely throw anything away, so here are some remnants of my early 70s miniatures hobby (probably 1970-1974).

Hinton Hunt Figures 1960s? Hinton Hunt Catalogue, Xerox copy, say 1970/1971

Hinton Hunt Figures 197x Hinton Hunt Figures, catalog, about 1973 or so

Napoleoniques catalog I Napoleoniques, original catalog, October, 1970

Napoleoniques catalog II Napoleoniques Catalog II, 1973

1975 Walthers catalog 1975 Walthers catalog Napoleoniques
(scanned and published on The Old Metal Detector blog)

Napoleoniques catalog III Custom Cast Catalog III, 1976

Miniature Figurines catalogue (UK), 1972/1973 (folder with loose pages)
Catalogue Cover

Miniature Figurines U.S.A Inc., catalog 197x (large)

Miniature Figurines U.S.A Inc., catalog 197x (small)

The Regiment, Miniature Figurines U.S.A Inc., newsletter 197x

Hinchliffe Models, 1973 (UK version)

K & L Company (Thomas Industries) of Shawnee, OK (20mm Civil War figures)

Catalogs Courtesy of Rob Young and/or Garrison's Web Site

Rose Miniatures (1965)

Rose Supplement 1967

Douglas Miniatures (1970s)

Les Higgins 1971

Garrison 20mm Catalogue

Greenwood & Ball price list, 1972

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