Recast Minifigs S Range Franco-Prussian

Prussian & German States Infantry & Artillerymen

Part Number Description
PFP 1 Prussia Line Infantry advance
PFP 2 Prussia Line Infantry officer
PFP 3 Saxon Line Infantry advance
PFP 4 Saxon Line Infantry officer
PFP 5 Bavarian Line Infantry advance
PFP 6 Bavarian Line Infantry officer
PFP 7 Wurtemberg Line Infantry advance
PFP 8 Wurtemberg Line Infantry officer
PFP 10 Wurtemberg Line Artillery Gunner firing gun
PFP 11 Wurtemberg Line Artillery Gunner carrying shell
PFP 14 Silesian Rifleman advance
PFP 15 Silesian Rifleman officer

Prussian Cavalry

Part Number Description
PFPC 1 Prussian Cuirassier
PFPC 2 Prussian Dragoon
PFPC 3 Prussian Hussar
PFPC 4 Prussian Uhlan
PFPC 5 Bavarian Light Horse

French Infantry & Artillerymen

Part Number Description
FFP 1 French Line Infantry advance
FFP 2 French Line Infantry officer
FFP 3 French Guard Grenadier a Pied advance
FFP 4 French Guard Grenadier a Pied officer
FFP 5 French Chasseur a Pied advance
FFP 6 French Zouave
FFP 7 French Naval Battalion Infantry advance
FFP 8 French Naval Battalion Infantry officer
FFP 10 French Line Gunner firing gun
FFP 11 French Line Gunner with shell

French Cavalry

Part Number Description
FFPC 1 French Cuirassier
FFPC 2 French Dragoon
FFPC 3 French Hussar
FFPC 4 French Chassuer-a-Cheval
FFPC 5 French Chasseur d’Afrique

Mounted Officers

Part Number Description
FPS 1 French General (suitable for Crimea)
FPS 2 Prussian General (suitable for Crimea)

Conversions to fill gaps in the range

Part Number Description Mould
ACFPW 1 Prussian gunner firing gun 611
ACFPW 2 Prussian gunner w/ball -
ACFPW 3 Prussian standard bearer -
ACFPW 4 Bavarian standard bearer -
ACFPW 5 Bavarian gunner firing gun -
ACFPW 6 Bavarian gunner w/ball -
ACFPW 7 Silesian standard bearer -
ACFPW 8 Mounted Silesian officer rider only 614
ACFPW 20 French gunner, kepi 615
ACFPW 21 French gunner, kepi w/charge -
ACFPW 22 Millatreuse (gun barrel) -
ACFPW 23 Millatreuse (gun carriage) -
ACFPW 24 Millatreuse (wheels) -

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