Recast S Range Minifigs SYW/ECW/AWI/’45/WSS

Seven Years War

Part Number Description
ESW 1 British Infantry advance
ESW 3 British Grenadier advance
ESW 5 Highland Line Grenadier advance
ESW 6 British drummer in mitre
ESW 12 Highlander Advance
ESW 13 Highland Line Officer
ESW 14 Highland Grenadier Officer
FSW 3 French Lorraine Grenadier advance
FSW 4 French Lorraine Grenadier Officer
FSW 9 French French Drummer
FSW 10 French Standard Bearer

English Civil War

Part Number Description
ECW 14 Scot Firing
ECW 31 gunner with rammer

American War of Independence

Part Number Description
AWI 8 Huron Indian
AWI 9 Huron Scout
AWI 9a Huron Scout variant waving musket
AWI 17 Mohican Indian

Jacobite Rebellions

Part Number Description
JR 1 Highlander in kilt with Broadsword & targe
JR 2 Highlander in trews with broardsword
JR 3 Highlander in kilt with Lochaber axe
JR 4 Highlander in kilt with musket
JR 5 Highlander Officer with sword and pistol
JR 6 Highlander Piper
JR 10 Hanover musketeer advance
JR 13 Hanover Officer
JCRC 1 Mounted highlander (1 piece casting)


Part Number Description
Mals 2 musketeer firing in tricorne
Mals 3 musketeer officer
Mals 5 grenadier firing mitre
Mals 7 grenadier officer mitre
Mals 14 Bavarian musketeer attacking
Mals 15 Austrian musketeer marching
Mals 16 Dutch Van Friehiem grenadier advance
Mals 17 Walloon Grenadier marching
Malsc 1 Horse trooper
Malsc 2 mounted grenadier
Malsc 3 cuirassier
Malsc 4 dragoon

Alberken/Early Minifigs


Part Number Description
Malb 1 musketeer advance tricorne
Malb 2 musketeer firing tricorne
Malb 3 Officer
Malb 4 drummer mitre
Malb 5 grenadier firing mitre
Malb 6 grenadier march mitre
Malb 7 grenadier officer

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