Recasts from Various Ranges

Minifigs S Range

Part Number Description
ECW 14 Scot firing
ESW 12 SYW Highlander advancing
ESW 14 SYW Highlander officer of grenadiers
FR 10 Demi Brigade grenadier advancing (Revolution & Egypt range)
FR 13 Demi Brigade light infantry advancing (Revolution & Egypt range)
FR 20 Arab with musket (Revolution & Egypt range)
FR 21 Syrian with musket (Revolution & Egypt range)
FR 22 Egyptian regular with musket (Revolution & Egypt range)
FRC 1 French Dromedary Trooper (Revolution & Egypt range)
FRC 1a Camel for above (Revolution & Egypt range)
SN 1 Nap Spanish Regular advance
SN 5 Nap Spanish Grenadier de la Romana advance
ACW 2 Officer in kepi
ACW 3 Zouave advance
ACW 6 Marine full dress on guard (suitable for other C19th armies)
ACW 23 Zouave charging
NFAH 2 Mule/pack horse with load, boxes & poles

Hinton Hunt Recast Napoleonics

Part Number Description Mould
BN 07 British infantry no weapon 555
BN 07a musket for above 555
BN 206 British Dragoon in Bicorne
BNH 3 Horse for above
BN 213 British Light Dragoon in Tarleton helmet
BNH 4 Horse for above
FN 26 French Guard Grenadier no weapon 566
555 for musket
PTN 4 Portugese infantry charging

Recast Kirk Miniatures

Part Number Description Mould
K 1 Brunswick 1809
K 2 Crimea French Zouave at ease
K 3 Crimea French Zouave at ready

Recast Alberken Napoleonics

Part Number Description Mould
CS 101 Brit Mounted officer, Belgic shako, 1 piece casting 595
CS 102 Brit Mounted officer, Bicorne, 1 piece casting 595

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