Recast Warrior ECW


Part Number Description
EC 1 Pikeman at push of pike, pot helmet
EC 2 Pikeman at push of pike, soft hat (Need Master)
EC 3 Pikeman receive charge, pot helmet
EC 4 Pikeman receive charge, (Need Master)
EC 5 Musketeer, musket cradled (priming)
EC 6 Arquebusier firing, pot helmet
EC 7 Gunner with powder keg, pot helmet
EC 8 Gunner with rammer (Need Master)
EC 9 Gunner pot helmet
EC 10 Gunner soft hat
EC 13 Officer of pikes (Need Master)
EC 14 Peasant with scythe
EC 15 Peasant with Pitchfork
EC 16 Peasant carrying barrel
EC 17 Standard Bearer (Need Master)
EC 18 Pikeman standing Monmouth cap (Need Master)
EC 19 Pikeman marching, soft hat (Need Master)
EC 20 Pikeman marching, pot helmet (Need Master)
EC 21 Pikeman Royalist Guard
EC 21a Pikeman standing pot helmet
EC 21b Pikeman standing lt helmet no pike
EC 21c Pikeman standing soft hat no pike
EC 22 Musketeer firing, with rest , soft hat (Need Master)
EC 22a Musketeer firing barred lt helmet
EC 23 Musketeer marching soft hat
EC 24 Roundhead officer sword & helmet
EC 25 Drummer (Need Master)
EC 26 Muskeeter loading, soft hat
EC 26a Muskeeter loading, barred lt helmet
EC 27 Highlander (released earlier as Scot 1, suitable upto 1745)
EC 28 Preacher with Bible
EC 29 General with map pointing
EC 32 Halberdier pot helmet

Mounted (riders only all with attached saddlery)

Part Number Description
ECC 1 Cavalier cavalry trooper
ECC 2 Roundhead cavalry trooper
ECC 2a Ironside cavalry trooper, barred lt helmet
ECC 3 Lobster 3/4 armour C16th lancer
ECC 3a Lobster 3/4 armour with sword
ECC 4 C16th horseman pot helmet 1/2 armour (Border horse, no lance)
ECC 5 Officer, hat raised (Need Master)
ECC 6 Trooper with pistol, plumed helmet Coming soon
ECC 7 King Charles I, leaning over looking down
ECC 8 Prince Rupert sword raised
ECC 9 Oliver Cromwell
ECC 10 Royalist Standard Bearer (Need Master)
ECC 11 Trooper with Guidon (Need Master)
ECC 12 Trooper charging, raised sword, plumed helmet (Officer ?)
ECC 13 Dragoon firing, helmet, dismountable

Part Number Description
JVC/ WAR 1 Wagon Driver with whip ( suitable for many periods)
ECHW 1 Cavalry horse

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