Tabletop Miniatures

After over 40 years, my interest in tabletop wargaming figures has rekindled. I recently hauled my custom hand-made storage boxes out of the closet and took inventory of my collection of mostly Der Kriegspielers 25mm Napoleonic figures. Struck with the crazies, I decided to document what I had and see what was still out there.

25mm DK Figures

Salvaging an Archived Site - Vintage20Mil

I found several blog references to the Vintage20Mil site but all the links were broken. A couple blogs pointed to the site's web archive hosted by the Wayback Machine. Richard Black and Harry Pearson created the site quite awhile back but apparently let it lapse. I sent emails to both and asked to rehost the site because of its value as an excellent reference. They have agreed, so it is available here as a sub-site. The archived site is still available, too.

Also, I was contacted by John Cunningham who recasts a bunch of these older figures. A category list is available here. Contact him directly for further information.

Rob Young provided some old catalogs and information about Garrison, Greenwood & Ball, and Rose miniatures. Those files are available here.

What to Do Now

I also found some old catalogs from the 1970-1974 era.

Searching online, I found several interesting blogs from folks mainly based in the UK. My plan is to glean information and pictures from these blogs and add them to a regular web site. I also intend to photograph and document what figures I have accumulated.

.......Chuck, 7 September 2014

Update 10 May 2020 During COVID-19

This site is still active but I have been distracted with other things, along with being lazy.

I did get an update today concerning JACKLEX figures - Mark Lodge has them going again. See the Jacklex page via the Vinatge 20 Mil link in the Contents column.