John Niblett
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  Niblett 20mm
Series 22 MK2

Unassembled and unpainted

11-12th Century Mounted and Foot Figures
11/A Mounted knight, helm and lance, rearing horse
11/B Mounted knight flourishing sword, standing horse
11/C Mounted knight, kite shield, sword, trotting horse
11/D Archer, conical helmet, firing
11/E Knight standing with grounded sword, shield
11/F Knight donning helm
11/G Knight standing, no shield, sword in scabbard
11/H Knight standing holding sword, kite shield
11/I Spearman standing

14th Century Mounted and Foot Figures
14/A Mounted knight plumed helmet, lance caparisoned horse rearing.
14/B Mounted knight, plain helmet, caparisoned horse walking
14/C Mounted knight, crested helmet, lance, caparisoned horse preparing to charge
14/D Spearman, kettle hat, standing
14/E Knight standing, shield, sword in scabbard
14/F Knight advancing with mace
14/G Knight standing, drawn sword
14/H Knight attacking brandishing sword
14/I Archer firing

17th Century Mounted and Foot Figures
17/A Cavalryman in buff-coat and lobster pot helmet, trotting horse
17/B Cuirassier in full armour, firing pistol, rearing horse
17/C Cavalryman, soft hat, waving sword, standing horse
17/D Pikeman standing
17/E Pikeman at ‚€œprepare to receive cavalry‚€Ě
17/F Musketeer firing
17/G Drummer
17/H Officer with halberd
17/I Musketeer standing, shouldered musket

Hummel Figures
The following is the Niblett range sold exclusively through Hummel House of Miniatures.
The figures were sold painted. Code in brackets is the corresponding code from the later unpainted range if we have been able to identify it.

(spelling as in catalogue)
A1 Legioner
A2 Signifor
A3 Tuba
A4 Corno

B1 Foot soldier (11/H)
B2 Mounted knight (11/C)

12th Century
C1 Knight, Order of the Temple (11/A)
C2 Knight, Order of the Hospital (11/B)
C3 Mounted Knight (14/C)
C4 Foot Knight
C5 Foot Knight
C6 Foot Knight
C7 Foot Knight

14th Century
D1 Mounted Knight (14/A)
D2 Mounted Knight (14/B)
D3 Foot Knight (14/G)
D4 Foot Knight (14/E)
D5 Man at Arms (14/D but posed with spear across body)
D6 Foot Knight (14/F but with spear instead of dagger)
D7 Bowman (14/I)
D8 Foot Knight (14/H)

17th Century
E1 Mounted Roundhead (17/A)
E2 Mounted Cavalier (17/C)
E3 Pikeman
E4 Standard bearer
E5 Musketeer officer
E6 Drummer (17/G)
E7 Musketeer
E8 Pike officer
E9 Pikeman
E10 Musketeer

20th Century
F1 British soldier
F2 German Soldier
F3 Lifeguard
F4 Horseguard
F5 Guardsman (later used as basis for Airfix guards set)
F6 Beefeater
F7 Policeman
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