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Last Updated 15 April 2004
  15 April 2004
The Niblett history and figure listings have been updated.

29 March 2004
After a period of further research several of the histories have been rewritten and footnotes added to others. The Greenwood and Ball listing now includes the 3/4 inch range.

4 September 2002
Footnotes have been added to some of the histories and additional information has been added to some of the smaller companies. The Hinton Hunt lisings have been updated and now indicate the figures created by David A Clayton. And finally, the introduction has been updated again.

3 June 2002
Most of the company histories have been revised.

22 May 2002
The Miniature Figurines history has been revised.

21 May 2002
The Greenwood and Ball history has been updated.

20 May 2002
More companies have been added to the Other Old Manufacturers page.

13 May 2002
The Minifigs and Les Higgins lists have been updated, plus a Niblett listing has been added to the site.

24 March 2002
The following additions and amendments have been made: revised Stadden history, revised Hinton Hunt history, additions to'other' manufactures, Hinchliffe and Alymer listings added and a Niblett review of his 20mm figures. We've also added a Sales Room page.

17 March 2002
Lots of goodies added: More Douglas pictures, a Silvercross Review and Jacklex reviews.

14 March 2002
A revised Hinton Hunt Ancients list has been added to the Hinton Hunt listings. The Miniature Figurines gallery now includes some pictures of their Ancients.

13 March 2002
Added Links page and more pictures in the Miniature Figurines gallery.

9 March 2002
The Jacklex area has had a Gallery page added, plus there is now an interview with the man himself - Jack Alexander.

7 March 2002
Ancients have been added to the Hinton Hunt listings. However, we have very few details about this range and any information will be gratefully received. We've also added pictures to the Niblett page.

6 March 2002
A figure review for Les Higgins 25mm range has been added. Yes, 25mm because they are nearly the same hight as Hinton Hunt figures. We've also added picture galleries for Miniature Figurines and Hinton Hunt.

4 March 2002
Figure reviews for Garrison and Miniature Figurines have been added.

3 March 2002
Douglas Miniatures gallery page added.

2 March 2002
The Garrison figure list has been moved to a new Greenwood & Ball listings page.

28 February 2002
Some of the company logos and some pictures have been added to the site.

27 February 2002
The Miniature Figurines listings have been separated into periods.

25 February 2002
Added Ancients range to the Rose listings.

24 February 2002
All company histories have been updated in light of Harry's latest research.

20 February 2002
Added Miniature Figurines "S" Range listings.

22 December 2001
Added Hinton Hunt listings.

13 November 2001
Added Pax Britannica and Silver Cross listings. The latter can be found in the Old Manufactures pages.

12 November 2001
Added Les Higgins and Rose Miniatures listings. Information about IT Figures updated.

11 November 2001
Added MiniFigs 20mm, Jacklex and Garrison listings.

10 November 2001
Added Douglas Miniatures listings and reviews from Airfix Magazine.


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