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  Airfix Magazine
October 1969

The first review of Douglas Miniatures

From Ernest Berwick Ltd, 11A Newland Street, Kettering, Northants, we’ve had samples of a new range of lead 00 size (20 mm) model soldiers they are handling. Known as Douglas Miniatures, these figures match the Airfix figures in size and, as lead soldiers go, are remarkably cheap with foot figures sold in packets* of five at 5s a set. Major range on offer is a complete set of Crimean War figures, comprising Guards, line infantry, dragoons, lancers, Scots Greys on the British side, and infantry on the Russian side. These are all pleasant little castings, well detailed and in the sets mentioned above all consist of the same figure. Positions available, however, include charging, firing and advancing infantry. Cavalry comes in similar packs but consist of only two horses and two riders. Each set also has colouring instructions. Other items in the Crimean range include various guns.

Some of the Crimean figures are duplicated in much greater detail in a 54 mm range also made by Douglas. These are solid lead but have separate arms and other parts so that they can be completed by the modeller with a certain amount of individuality. Our sample was a Russian sentry with optional arm positions. The other sample we had from the 54 mm range was a fine Aztec warrior in a bearskin and carrying a hefty club and shield. The 54 mm foot figures work out at 14s 11d each, unpainted and can be bought individually. The standard is very good, reminiscent of the old lead Britains figures in proportions. The complete list of 00 and 54 mm size figures is too extensive to list here, but a catalogue is available from Berwick at 6d plus a large SAE.

* They were actually sold in small boxes and cost 6/- for five foot figures.
  Airfix Magazine
January 1970

The new firm of Douglas Models, whose first products we reviewed recently, have now introduced more lead figures.

In 20mm (OO) size there is a very neat kit of a British limber and field gun of the Crimean War period which is easy to assemble and paint and modestly priced at 7s 6d. Horses are not included. A realistic Royal Artillery gun crew of the Crimean period is also available at 5s for four men, specifically to go with the gun kit.

  Airfix Magazine
July 1970

From Douglas Miniatures, we have received a set of the latest 20mm size (OO/HO) lead soldiers released by the firm. This is for the 'Marlborough and Seven Years War' period and the infantry set consists of a firing musketeer, a musketeer at the 'ready', firing grenadier, grenadier at the 'ready', officer with pike, and a standard bearer with a sword. The figures are sold in groups of five figures (all the same type or assorted to choice) for 6s a set and there is a free 'bonus' of an officer or standard bearer offered with orders of four sets or more. there is also a cavalry set of horse grenadiers or dragoons, sold two to the box (ie. two horses, two riders) also for 6s a time. In our view these are the best Douglas figures yet and they make a most attractive group either for dioramas or wargames. They are not supplied painted, but painting instructions are included with each set. At just over 1s a figure these are exceedingly cheap as lead figures go. A Douglas catalogue is also available from Berwick [Ernest Berwick distributors of the figures] for 11d in stamps.

  Napoleonic range, from left to right:
British Hussar, French Guard Grenadier Officer and French Line Eagle Bearer.
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