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(This list contains only manufacturers of metal miniatures whose ranges cover pre-1900 periods.)

Art Miniaturen
German manufacturer of 1/72nd scale figures. Napoleonics (Rhineland, British & Allies, French, Prussian and Russian) and Ancients (Romans, Celts, Germans, Punic Wars, Macedonians )

Aude Historica New
A small range of 20mm 1860 Garibaldini and Borbon troops.


14 Parkview Avenue, Jamestown, NY14701
20mm Napoleonic figures, in style reminiscent of RSM. Distributed in the UK by Vandrad (see below)

B&B Miniatures
Franco-Prussian War and Foreign Legion in 20mm.Well detailed and slightly chunkier than the old-timers, but compatible height wise.

David A. Clayton
David Clayton has sold the Hinton Hunt masters and moulds. The new owner has been in touch and the figures will be available again in the future. However, no timescale can be given at present.

Dayton Painting Consortium Ltd.
PO Box 24185, Huber Heights, OH 45424. USA (513 237-9915)
Manufacturer of RSM figures under the banner RSM95. '95' denoting when the last figures were added to the RSM 20 and 25mm figure lines.

Diego Pegarano
Italian 1/72nd scale figures, hand-painted and in a presentation box. Range includes AWI British infantry and artillery, Roman Legionaries and Praetorians and Teutonic knights. Nice looking figures but at around £5 a throw you’d expect so.

Douglas Miniatures New
John now as the 20mm Marlburian figures back in production. The Crimean range should follow in the near future.

Fine Scale Factory
German manufacturer of 1/72nd scale ordnance, artillerymen and transport. Superbly detailed (if a bit pricey) models of everything from balistas to gatling guns via Congreve’s rocket tubes. Distributed by Kennington Miniatures in the UK.

Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated
2283 Apache Street, Mendotta Heights, Minnesota 55120
An extensive range of HO scale (22mm to top of the head) figures covering the AWI and the War of 1812 that also includes a couple of Great Lakes gunboats.

Historifigs (Jack Scruby figures)
Email: HistoriFigs Sales
US company that produces the extensive Jack Scruby line. Scruby’s 25mm are the equivalent of British 20mm. His 20mm figures are much smaller. Range includes Medieval, SYW, AWI, Napoleonics, Mexican-American War, ACW, Crimean War, Franco-Prussian War and Colonials.

Irregular Miniatures
3 Apollo Street, Heslington Road, York YO1 5AP
Wide range of 20mm figures covering: Biblical, Aztecs, Marlburians, Jacobites, French and Indian War, War of 1812, Napoleonics, ACW, Plains War and Mexican- America War. The figures are nicely detailed but sadly much too small to fit in with the older figures. They are probably compatible with Newline (see below), though.

Garrison Miniatures
Rob Young purchased Garrison Miniatures from Amazon and he as just about the entire Garrison 20mm range back in production, including some from masters which may never have been cast from before. Rob has also added some of his own conversions to fill in gaps in the Ancient range.

IT Figures
Best known for WWI and WWII figures, IT also has 20mm ACW and Napoleonic ranges.
IT Figures are now under new ownership. The Ancient and Napoleonic ranges are available from S&A Scenics. Telephone: 01524 733344
The WWI and Russian Civil War ranges are available from Lancashire Games. Telephone: 01457 872212

K and L Company
PO Box 52281, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74152, USA
20mm ACW range. Took over the Thomas Industries range of figures which were first produced in the mid-1950s

Legio Heroica New
The company produce a small but growing range of Sardinian and Austrian troops for the Italian First Independence War 1848. At present the range consists of infantry, artillery and general officers. Cavalry for both sides is promised in the near future.

Les Higgins New
John now as the 20mm English Civil War and Marlburian ranges back in production.

Musket Miniatures
Formerly Stone Mountain Miniatures, this US company produce the Brigadier range of HO (22mm) ACW figures.

NapoleoN Miniatures New
A new manufacturer with a growing range of Peninsular Napoleonic figures.

Newline Designs
6 Ardley Close, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 7PL
An extensive range of 20mm Ancients (Numidians, Etruscans, you name it), Napoleonics, ACW and Zulu War subjects that are beautifully executed but unfortunately much, much smaller than the old soldiers.

29 The Quantocks, Flitwick, Bedfordshire MK45 1TG
1/72nd scale Ancients (Romans and Celts), Napoleonics, ACW, Plains Wars and Zulu Wars. A nice range of well-detailed figures that fit in well with the oldsters, the pot-bellied Zulu induna is particularly good. We believe that Qualitcast have ceased trading.

Raventhorpe Miniatures
2 Bygot Lane, Cherry Burton, Beverley, Humberside HU17 7RN
North West Frontier, Zulu and Boer Wars, Sudan Campaign and Mexican Revolution. Sadly they are too big and chunky to fit in with older figures, nudging more towards what used to be 25mm in the days before that scale expanded to encompass 30mm and beyond.

SHQ and Kennington Miniatures
The Potting Shed Flaxdrayton Farm, South Petherton, Somerset, TA13 5LR (01460 241643)
SHQ are best known for their 20th Century figures and have now added Kennington Miniatures to their range of products. The Kennington brand includes a big range of Napoleonics, ACW and English Civil War figures. Also nicely thought out ranges of Romans, Gauls and Germans; Crusaders Seljuq Turks and Boxer Rebellion. Some excellent figures (others are a bit chunky for some tastes) that slot in very nicely alongside those of the older makers.

Spencer Smith Miniatures (Jacklex)
Spencer Smith now produce the Jacklex range of colonial and ACW figures. The figures are now being produced from centrifugal moulds which as improved the quality and speeded up production. The figures can be ordered from the Spencer Smith web site at

Stan Johansen
US company with extensive range of 20mm Boxer Rebellion figures that includes everything from Japanese cavalry to the Peking “international gun” via Chinese Imperial artillery.

Tumbling Dice
96 Sandfield Road, Arnold, Nottingham NG45 6QJ

Normans, Vikings and Saxons, The Crusades, War of the Roses, Burgundian Wars and the English Civil War are covered as well as Great War and Arab Revolt. –the ECW artillery is very good - that are veteran figure compatible. New ranges of ACW, Early Samurai, Mongol and Crimean British are now available, with Crimean Russians expected in the Spring of 2004. The figures are cast in pewter and many figures have separate heads and/or arms which allows variations within a wargames unit.

7 Marpool Hill, Exmouth, Devon EX8 3LJ (01395 278664 – after 6pm)
Manufacturer of 20:20 range of British Napoleonics and personalities and the UK distributor of Bataillfleur. Have not responded to email enquiries.
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