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The original contact page is obsolete, but can contact me, Chuck Gibke, and I will get hold of the original guys.

Contact John Cunningham about vintage figures.

If you can help us with any information regarding the companies and figures highlighted by this web site we would be very happy to hear from you. It goes without saying that we would also be happy for you to contact us if you have any of the figures for sale!

Richard Black


Most wanted:
Any 20mm Douglas Miniatures

Harry Pearson


Most wanted:
Garrison 20mm Greek Hoplites
Garrison 20mm Carthaginians
Minifig S range EIR artillery crews
Minifig PB range Spanish cavalry
Minifig PB range Dacians
Minifig S range Samurai
Minifigs S range Napoleonic Russian cavalry
Hinton Hunt Napoleonic Austrian cavalry

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