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The following is a list of all those wargames books published between 1957 and 1975, a period that corresponds with the popularity of most of the 20mm figures featured on this site. Rules and magazines published during the same period will be listed separately. Books are listed chronologically by year and alphabetically thereafter by author. UK publishers except where stated.

  1. Making And Collecting Military Miniatures (including a chapter on wargaming). Bob Bard (Robert McBride Co. New York)

  1. All About Wargames. Jack Scruby (US, mimeographed)

  1. War Games. Donald F Featherstone (Stanley Paul)
  2. How To Play Wargames In Miniature. Joseph Morschauser (Walker and Co, New York)

  1. Tackle Model Soldiers This Way. DF Featherstone (Stanley Paul)

  1. Naval Wargames. DF Featherstone (Stanley Paul)

  1. Air Wargames. DF Featherstone (Stanley Paul)
  2. Modern War In Miniature. Michael Korns (privately published - in US?)

  1. Charge! Or How To Play Wargames. Brigadier Peter Young and Colonel James Lawford (Morgan Grampian)

  1. Advanced Wargames. DF Featherstone (Stanley Paul)
  2. Discovering Wargames. John Tunstill (Shire Publications)
  3. Introduction To Battle Gaming. Terry Wise (Model and Allied Publications (MAP)

  1. Sea Battles. Pat Dunn (MAP)
  2. War Game Campaigns. DF Featherstone (Stanley Paul)
  3. Battles With Model Soldiers. DF Featherstone (David & Charles)
  4. Battle! Practical Wargaming. Charles Grant (MAP)

  1. The War Game. C. Grant (A & C Black)
  2. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers — First Bull Run 1861. Peter Davies & John H Cooper (Charles Knight & Co)
  3. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers — Chancellorsville 1863. JH Cooper
  4. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers — Alma 1854. Henry Harris
  5. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers — Borodino 1812. ER Holmes
  6. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers — Saratoga 1777. J Sweetman

  1. Wargames Through The Ages. Volume One 3000BC-1500AD. DF Featherstone (Stanley Paul)
  2. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers — Minden 1759. HN Cole (Charles Knight & Co)
  3. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers — Poitiers 1356. DF Featherstone (Charles Knight & Co)
  4. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers - Dettingen 1743. Michael Orr (Charles Knight &Co
  5. Battles For Wargamers — The American Civil War 1862. T Wise (Bellona/MAP)
  6. Battles For Wargamers — WW2 The Western Desert. T Wise (Bellona/MAP)
  7. Battles For Wargamers — The 2nd Punic War. T Wise (Bellona/MAP)
  8. The War Game. P Young (ed.) (Cassell)

  1. Setting Up A Wargames Campaign. Tony Bath (Wargames Research Group)
  2. Battle Notes For Wargamers. DF Featherstone (David & Charles)
  3. Solo Wargaming. DF Featherstone (Kaye & Ward)
  4. Discovering English Civil Wargaming. George Gush, P Purton and R Stephenson (ed. J Tunstill) (Shire Publications)
  5. Tank Battles In Miniature. Volume One — The Western Desert 1940-42. DF Featherstone (Patrick Stephens Ltd)
  6. Discovering Modelling for Wargamers. Dennis Teague (Shire Publications)
  7. Battles For Wargamers. World War II — Tunisia. T. Wise (Bellona/MAP)
  8. Knight’s Battles For Wargamers — Vittoria. Col. J. Lawford

  1. Wargames Through The Ages. Volume Two 1420-1783. DF Featherstone (Stanley Paul)
  2. The Ancient Wargame. C Grant (A&C Black)
  3. Napoleonic Wargaming. C Grant (MAP)
  4. The Napoleonic Wargame. George W. Jeffrey (Almark)
  5. Wargames. David Nash (Hamlyn)
  6. How To Win Wargames. Mike Philpott & Bob Thompson (self-published UK)
  7. Napoleonic Wargaming. Airfix Magazine Guide 4. Bruce Quarrie (Patrick Stephens Ltd)
  8. Practical Wargaming. Charles Wesencraft (Elmfield Press)
  9. Battles For Wargamers. Peninsular War 1813. T. Wise (Bellona/MAP)
  10. Battle For Wargamers. Roman Civil Wars 49-45BC. T. Wise (Bellona/MAP)

  1. Ancient Wargaming. Airfix Magazine Guide 9. Phil Barker (Patrick Stephens Ltd)
  2. Skirmish Wargaming. DF Featherstone (Patrick Stephens Ltd)
  3. Wargames Through The Ages. Volume Three 1792-1859. DF Featherstone (Stanley Paul) (Volume Four 1861-1945 published 1976)
  4. Wargaming Ancient And Medieval Periods. DF Featherstone (David & Charles)
  5. Tank Battles In Miniature. Volume Two —Russian Campaign 1941-45. B. Quarrie (Patrick Stephens Ltd)
  6. An Introduction To Wargaming. John Sandars (Pelham Books)
  7. With Pike And Musket. C. Wesencraft (Elmfield Press)
  8. Background Books For Wargamers and Modellers Series (William Luscombe):
  9. Fontenoy. C Grant
    Salamis. Richard Nelson
    Waterloo. BJ Hurren

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